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diGital Music 

A Rogue’s Buffet


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500 Tunes Book and CDs:


500 Tunes Project:
Book of Musical Notation      $70.00 
CD’s of Music      $165.00 


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600 Fiddle Tunes Coming soon! 


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                                              Billy with The Old Time Players

    Jambusters Vol. 1
    Rags, Relics & Rarities
                              $17.99/ each 


Waltz Collection

Volume I and Volume II

$17.99/ each  

Billy with The Skirtlifters


Fire Alarm      $17.99 

Somewhere in Dixie     $17.99


        Billy w/ Colin Blair
    LIVE in Concert 
    9/22/07 Milwaukee, WI                    Long Time A Comin'                       LIVE in Concert
      $17.99                                          $17.99                          7/24/10 Music Folk 

        Billy w/ Ozark Traditions 


      Barn Dance  $17.99 

more MUSIC  


Silver Anniversary Edition       A Rogue's Buffet       Ghost of Banjo Billy  Children of Foreign Lands 
$25.99                   $17.99           $17.99                       $17.99 


Prices includes US shipping
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