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New Waltz Collection!! coming April 2016
Long Time a Comin' (Billy Mathews & Colin Blair) coming April 2016
Old Time Players Present:

Rags, Relics & Rarities
$15.00 + S&H

Old Time Players Present:

$15.00 + S&H

NEW PRICE!!  BUY All 5 Volumes only $150.00
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Complete Your Set!
NEW PRICE!!  4 Volumes for $125.00
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We'll send the other 4!
500 Fiddle Tunes
Volume 1
$39.99 + S&H
500 Fiddle Tunes
 Volume 2
$39.99 + S&H
500 Fiddle Tunes
Volume 3
$39.99 + S&H
500 Fiddle Tunes
Volume 4
$39.99 + S&H

500 Fiddle Tunes
Volume 5
$39.99 + S&H

The Ghost of Banjo Billy  ~Gonna Rise Again~  


      Digital Download -- coming soon!    
Silver Anniversary Edition
~2 CD Set
A Rogue's Buffet         

Digital Download -- coming soon    
Barn Dance
 Ozark Traditions  

Digital Download - coming soon!

The Skirtlifters
 Fire Alarm
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 $15.00 +  s&h   

Children of Foreign Lands ~
Fiddle Tunes From Around the World  
      Digital Download Now Available!   
Downlaod Now (320 kbps MP3 format)

The Skirtlifters 
Somewhere in Dixie

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 $15.00 +  s&h   

Phippsburg Banjo Co. T-Shirts

Music From The Old Time Waltz Collection
20 Old Time Waltzes compiled & edited by 
Billy Mathews &
 Robin Kearton

        Digital Download Only
 Downlaod Now
(320 kbps MP3 format)

The Banjo Billy Collection    

ONLY $75.00
A great way to stock up on your old time tunes.   
Over $100.00 value!

Ghost of Banjo Billy
The Silver Anniversary Edition
Rogue's Buffet
Barn Dance
Children of Foreign Lands
Banjo Company T-Shirt

You also get a personalized inscription and a special gift from Banjo Billy! 
T-Shirt Color
& Size
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